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The Healing Essence has been created as a place to support women on their journey of remembrance.

By creating a safe space for women to identify and heal old belief systems and negative patterns, you will be guided to step into the fullness of your beautiful self, helping you reach for endless possibilities and find inner contentment in your life.

Flower Essence Therapy


flower essence therapy

Nature provided us with the gift of flowers,
which hold a quiet energy, wisdom and
secret messages to guide us on our journey.

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Flower essences are the energetic imprint of the life force of the flower. 

Flower Essences are a subtle yet incredibly powerful form of botanical medicine.

They are a vibrational medicine and work energetically in the body, activating our own innate ability to heal, allowing life force to flow freely throughout your meridians as harmony is restored to your system. Our body seeks balance. Flower essences truly are catalysts to unlock our full potential. 

The essences work beneath the level of our conscious awareness and shift and release subconscious beliefs, imprints and woundings and enhance empowerment, joy and positivity. They help to unlock and bring forward the positive qualities that we have within. Flower Essences are incredible allies for unraveling spiritual or emotional patterns of imbalance. 

They empower you to listen to and follow our intuition, and reach for our goals and dreams.

The essences work to bring an awareness to our conscious mind any out-dated patterns and old wounds that are preventing us from moving forwards in our lives. 

Any negative and limiting beliefs that are subconsciously held within the body are released and dissolved, and positive qualities such as love, joy, abundance, faith and trust take their place. 

On an emotional level, flower essences work to harmonise and resolve limited belief patterns to create harmony and wellbeing and are incredibly beneficial to create deep emotional healing. They truly offer a fast-track to healing. 

Flower Essences are a potent medicine which help us to embody our divine feminine essence and awaken hidden aspects of our soul.

Flower essences can support with:

  • Connecting you to your divine inner wisdom 
  • Balancing the chakra system
  • Moving through sadness & grief
  • Connecting you deeply to your own rythyms 
  • Tapping into & developing your intuition
  • Life purpose & direction
  • Grounding & embodiment
  • Building self esteem & confidence
  • Clearing ancestral woundings
  • Releasing trauma from the system
  • Moving through blocks & self doubt
  • Strengthening & protecting your energy field
  • Releasing old patterns of behaviour
  • Increasing clarity & focus
  • Healing relationships
  • Decreasing stress, worry, fear, irritability, anxiety & overwhelm
  • Awakening your spirituality
  • Releasing shame, guilt & sabotage
  • Establishing healthy boundaries
This Essence has been life changing. I have since felt so calm, clear and connected to the source, inspired and generally just so content. My days are now full of heart-centred, joy-filled clarity, which is such a blessing.
Working with Jo and her beautiful flower essences have shaped this year into the most transformative one yet.... So grateful for the healing you and your work have bestowed on me.
— Erin - Goddess of the Earth and mama of 2 very sweet little faeries


flower essence consultAtion

Experience the potent healing of this incredible botanical medicine during a personalised consultation.

During your session we will delve deeply and look at what present for you in your world.

Allow the medicine of the flowers to gently support you to create the shifts you are seeking in your world.

flower essence Mentorship journey

A life-changing 12 week journey that creates personal freedom.

I will guide you to let go of the things that are no longer serving you, and add in those that support your growth.

You will make space for transformation from the inside out and create shifts that will implement lasting change.


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