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The Healing Essence has been created as a place to support women on their journey of remembrance.

By creating a safe space for women to identify and heal old belief systems and negative patterns, you will be guided to step into the fullness of your beautiful self, helping you reach for endless possibilities and find inner contentment in your life.

Flower Therapy KIND WORDS


kind words - flower essence therapy

Journeying with Jo’s clear and insightful guidance was such a wonderful experience. To be supported to reflect on what lies beneath the surface, the depth of emotions that are the undercurrent to our everyday lives, is such an incredible gift.

The magic of the Flower Essences have the opportunity to be expressed through Jo’s capable communication with them.

She truly has a gift in being able to listen deeply to the individual and the flowers. I am so grateful for the experience and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Jayne Jones 

Thankyou so very, very much Jo. I feel myself growing into myself more every day. I'm standing tall and proud.

You have helped me back to where I am and where I belong and I am forever grateful.

Sarah - Social Worker

I just want to tell you that your little bottle of magic flowers has held me so deeply over these last few months... I am continuing to move forward in strength and love.

Every time I drop the essence under my tongue I am reminded that I am held by so many brothers and sisters. 

Thankyou is an understatement.

Rhiannon - Children's Yoga Teacher

You are such a special person. I adore you.

Thankyou so much for holding space for me during this time. I can’t think of anyone else that would’ve made a better fit!! 

Kitty - Songstress & Yoga Teacher

I thought I would drop you a line and let you know I had such an incredible and synchronistic journey with the Redwood essence!

My oh-my it came into my life at the most perfect time and it was such a deeply rooted cellular awakening and connection.

Our ancient tree family have always played a vital part in my life, although it was like the essence really took my tree bond to a whole new level!

I felt as though I was being integrated with my own redwood trunk, grounded and solid in my being.

I have stood in many Redwood forests so understand the power of their presence, although the essence opened a doorway for me to dance even closer!

I feel like I have been bestowed with greater strength to carry my dreams and my truth in the same way the Redwoods carry years of knowing in their alive branches!

Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for all you create.

Bibi - Wordsmith - Nomadic (he) art at Sacred Self

The Healing Essence is like taking a magic potion that you can feel working on your soul.

Each time I put the drops into my mouth I can feel the love, integrity and pure honesty they are created with.

Jo is a divine woman whose intuition to help you pi point exactly what you need is just phenomenal. You instantly feel like you are taken care of, and on the right path to healing yourself. I always feel loved and helped by you Jo.

Jaq Carmichael - Mama and creatress at Weavers Lane

Well, let me tell you, Jo is nothing short of a most divine Earth Angel, and I feel so truly blessed to have crossed paths with her in this lifetime.

Jo reached out to me at a time when I really needed a soul sister's kind of encouragement - out of the blue she manifested in my world like a true angel... always full of love, support, encouragement and intuitive guidance.

She is a most graceful and beautiful woman, with a humble, loving and caring spirit. She is a natural healer and magic worker and I could not speak higher of her work. Most recently she assisted me in deepening a journey of profound healing... and with her guidance and flower essences I took my healing journey to a whole other level that I had never dreamed possible!

Jo's intuition is spot on and from my initial meeting with her I felt an instant connection and calmness of a kindred spirit whom I've most probably known through many lifetimes... I am certain many others will feel the same connection as Jo embodies all that is sacred, feminine, loving and kind.

I would recommend Jo's guidance in any of her programs to anyone and I believe she will reach far with her healing gifts and intuitive talents.

I am lucky to have met you Jo and wish your life to be as blissful as the joy you bring to others.

Eva King - Wellness Practitioner

I have been very blessed to have had a consultation with Jo, who made me a special blend for grounding, earthing, bringing myself out of my head and effectively calming my over-active mind.

This Essence has been life changing.

I have since felt so calm, clear and connected to the source, inspired and generally just so content. My days are now full of heart-centred, joy-filled clarity, which is such a blessing.

Working with Jo and her beautiful flower essences have shaped this year into the most transformative one yet.... So grateful for the healing you and your work have bestowed on me.

Erin Green - Extraordinary woman and mama of 2 very sweet little faeries

I am feeling so grateful for you and the support you have you so kindly offered me. 

The customized flower blends sound nurturing & supportive for my son & I.

Thank you for creating a safety container so that I could open my heart.

Feeling much more grounded, healed and centered since receiving your support and gentle guidance.

Melissa Larsen

I have been journeying for a little while now with Jo's Redwood essence and it has ben the most profound experience I have ever had with a vibrational essence. 

The pull towards my ancestry has become stronger than ever before and I am excitedly exploring it in every way possible, my dreams are clear and profound, dots are being joined.

Erin - Divine mother of the Earth

I have been using Jo's beautiful flower essences and mists both personally and in my Sister Circles for the past 6 months. These lovingly and intuitively hand-blended little treasures have been so nourishing not only for my own personal process, but for the women who I sit in Circle with... and they smell amazing!

The spirits of these plants, flowers and shells are powerful and yet so gentle at the same time. They cleanse, nurture and protect at the deepest levels and we all instantly feel their sparkling energy. "Can we use the elixirs?" is a common request amongst my Sisters before, during and after Circles. Everyone loves them!

Thankyou Jo for opening up this world to me. You truly are a gifted healer and I feel so blessed to be using your beautiful products.

Kate Reed - Creator of The Sister Circles

Do you know that feeling, that one when your stomach and your heart do those flutters in unison, when you meet someone special? I get that with you, Jo. Our sessions have been a true gift in my life and to say I admire and look up to you is an understatement.

Thank you for your gentle presence, your intuitive understanding and your ever powerful knowledge that you so graciously share. I am so grateful that our paths have come together and brought your bright light into my world, Arohanui. xxx

Rachel Renee - Heartfelt Storyteller The Wildflower Diaries

I sought help from Jo to address my issues with feeling stuck in the past, ungrounded from the present and unable to move into my future.

The beautiful blend of flower essences that Jo created for me immediately began conjuring up emotions and memories from my past allowing me to realise the root cause of the feelings I was having, and it was then that my healing began.

By the time I finished my remedy, I noticed market shifts in my ability to remain calm, grounded and at peace and this flowed into every area of my life.

If I wasn't already sold on flower essences I am now. Thankyou Jo.

Sophie Crooks - Mindset Coach, Writer and Blogger

Jo's flower essences along with her love and care have been a huge support to me over the years as I have gone through the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy - adjusting to being a mother, and then moving from having one child to two. Whilst it is a wonderful time of life, it is exhausting learning how to meet the needs of the family as well as my own.

Jo is a compassionate and wonderful listener, and she helps to pinpoint the issues, and then sets about finding the essences that will help bring harmony back into our lives. Her remedies have always helped me to bring balance in when it is needed.

The flower essences work in ways I can't really name - after a couple of weeks of taking a remedy I find that the issue has quietly passed, and changes have been made.

Jo and her essences have proved to be invaluable to my wellbeing and journey as a woman.

Karlie Bell - Occupational Therapist and Yoga Teacher Port Lincoln School of Yoga

The Healing Essence has been a part of my life for a number of years now. It has been such a steady support for my family and I as we navigate our way through the journeys of life.

Through the challenging times and through wellbeing, Jo has always been able to provide the right essences for us. She is intuitive and highly expert at using her skills and vast knowledge in this therapy to ascertain exactly what will bring us through the specific pathways, restoring balance and comfort, to better equip us with managing.

I think that the most enduring aspect of the essences for us is the quiet and silent way they go about their work. There is a supreme gentleness, from the first point of contact with Jo right through to the healing effects of her beautiful remedies. This means that we have calm and unintrusive support that is ever-present, without being at the forefront of our lives and minds.

I always have full faith that Jo's essences will work away in the manner for which she intended, without me waiting and wondering. And quite often, the results are far better than either of us foresaw!

There is nothing that would prevent me from recommending The Healing Essence to those I love and to those who seek a more true and connected life.

Therese Maher - Communications Consultant

Jo brings something so special to her sessions - they are amazing! 

Her beautiful, soft approach and amazing insights provide guidance, and her flower essence remedies are so powerful and supportive. I am continually blown away by how they work to clear out old pattern and bring us to a place of 'wholeness'.

We are truly blessed to have Jo offering her services and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for that extra support and help to overcome any struggles they may be having.

Thankyou so much Jo. You are a true blessing.

Karen Rohrlach - Kinesiologist Full Potential Wellbeing

Thank you for all you’ve helped me see and recognise along with the the tools you’ve given me. And inspiration into who I could be and who I am deep inside.

Mary Warren

I live in the Kimberley in regional WA completely isolated from family which can sometimes leave me feeling overwhelmed. 

My daughter isn't the best teether and that coupled with sickness after sickness isn't really conducive to a good nights sleep. Things turned to a head and I contacted Jo for help.

Jo was fantastic, offering unwavering support and blending an flower essence remedy to ease my little one's teething and a healing elixir to assist in providing her and I with a more peaceful and calm sleeping environment.

They arrived quickly in the post, wrapped beautifully and with a gorgeous note enclosed. It was a happy day!

I have noticed how well we have been sleeping and also I am finding that I am staying quite calm when she becomes unsettled which is amazing in itself as it is so easy to get frazzled and frustrated.

I would recommend Jo to anyone. Her flower essence remedies, healing elixirs and general support have helped me so much.

Jaime Bell - Beautiful new Mother

For quite some time I was struggling through health challenges and felt at a loss as to what direction I needed to take... and then I discovered The Healing Essence. Connecting with Jo and her incredible remedies really has been an amazing awakening for me. 

Jo's kind, caring nature combined with her resounding wisdom & knowledge have become an immense support to me on my health journey.

Since taking my personally blended remedy I now, more than ever, feel on the right track to balance and harmony within the body. I just can't thankyou enough Jo!

Beck Franklin 


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