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The Healing Essence has been created as a place to support women on their journey of remembrance.

By creating a safe space for women to identify and heal old belief systems and negative patterns, you will be guided to step into the fullness of your beautiful self, helping you reach for endless possibilities and find inner contentment in your life.

My Story


my story

I empower women to realign their lives with their hearts
and become free from limiting beliefs.

I am Jo and I am passionate about supporting women to achieve emotional freedom by using Flower Essence Therapy and lifestyle choices to build a solid foundation for personal growth and transformation. 

I am a huge believer in the strength of the Sisterhood and I hold regular Sister Circle ceremonies through medatitive and heart-centred guidance which form a web of support for women and gently lead them back home to their true selves.

We were never meant to walk this journey through life on our own and from my own experience I know how much easier it is to navigate life with a supportive tribe of women by your side.

  • I work with women who are hearing whispers from within nudging them to make changes to their lives and who are ready to reclaim their happiness.

  • I work with women who are feeling weighed down by stress, overwhelm, anxiety and fear and who have lost their connection to themselves.

  • I work with women whose hearts need healing, and who are ready to reclaim their power and embrace their inner wisdom.

  • I work with women who are looking to make powerful transformations to their lives.

I will hold the space for you to grow, expand and transform

Together we will work to break down barriers you may be subconsciously holding onto that are preventing you from living a happy life, full of vitality and joy.

We will work together to help you heal old wounds and determine the best steps towards your wellbeing and you will establish lifestyle changes to improve your energy and joy.

I am a mentor for you at this profound time in your life.

I will gently guide you to graciously step into your divine self, and I will support you in reclaiming your inner wisdom and sacred truth... together we will work to create profound shifts in your life and create the space for magic to happen. 

my journey

Life is an ever evolving journey

My search to find inner contentment has seen me expand my knowledge, travel the world and be guided by a variety of healing methods, influencing my understanding of what it means to be healthy and whole in mind, body and spirit.

From a sacred pilgrimage to the incredible Mount Shasta, a silent meditation retreat high in the Himalayas, a traditional Indian elder who taught me the healing potential of energy work, to a German health warrioress whose emphasis is on the power of food as a solid foundation for true wellness.  

Each of these empowering experiences have taught me that we have the ability to change the course of our lives. I have learned that life is a journey and we are all constantly growing and evolving day by day. Every experience we have in our lives shapes who we are and how we view our place in the world.

At all times I have had one or two strong and empowered female mentors and teachers supporting me. I have completed formal studies and have combined them with 'the school of life' - the kind of learning that happens organically by wanting to deepen my insights into my own wellbeing and experience of life.

My journey has taught me that happiness comes from within and I have learned to become a seeker of my own truth.

I have realised that when given the right tools and the right support, we have the potential to turn our lives around.

It has been by learning to surrender, listen to and follow the whisperings of my soul through my own healing journey, that I am in a place to support you on your path of personal growth.

Something I know to be so very true is that as a collective we are all in this together and it is vital that we continually support, uplift, empower one another as we journey through life... for this is how we can create positive change in the world.


qualifications & TRAININGS

Through my qualifications and trainings I’ve developed my own system for working with women on a holistic level, supporting them as they return to wholeness.

  • Woman Rising Flower Essence ® Certified Practitioner 
  • Level 2 Woman Rising Flower Essence Training
  • Level 1 & 2 Australian Bush Flower Essences ® Practitioner Certificate
  • Women’s Wellbeing & Australian Bush Flower Essences ® Certificate
  • Numerology & Australian Bush Flower Essences ® Certificate
  • Teens, Tweens & Australian Bush Flower Essences ® Certificate
  • Happy Healthy Kids & Australian Bush Flower Essences ® Certificate
  • Shell Essences © Practitioner Certificate
  • The Sister Circles © Facilitator
  • Red Tent Women's Circle © Facilitator
  • Shamanic Practitioner Training with Damini Celebre
  • Integrative Health Coach Certificate at Institute for Integrative Nutrition ®


  • International Institute for Complimentary Therapies (IICT)
  • International Association for Health Coaches (IAHC)
  • Australian Bush Flower Essence Society
  • Woman Rising Flower Essence Collective
  • Sister Circles Ambassador 

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