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The Healing Essence has been created as a place to support women on their journey of remembrance.

By creating a safe space for women to identify and heal old belief systems and negative patterns, you will be guided to step into the fullness of your beautiful self, helping you reach for endless possibilities and find inner contentment in your life.

Sister Circle Information


about the sister circles

throughout the ages women have been gathering in circles to share feminine wisdom

A Sister Circle is a sacred gathering of women connecting, sharing and celebrating life. It is a space to experience and embrace the nurturing energy of the divine feminine. In this powerful and potent space magic truly happens.

The Sister Circles create connection, transformation and empowerment by allowing us the time and the space to tune into our deep wisdom and wise inner knowing. 

The Circles help us tap into the essence of who we are as women through our shared stories, our laughter and our tears. They help us to open our hearts and to be seen and held with love, respect and kindness. 

Coming together in a safe, loving and supportive Circle of women allows us the opportunity to give and receive, and leads to self understanding, compassion and deep healing.

During our Sister Circle we will sit around flickering candles and open up our hearts and share our wisdom whilst enjoying cups of nourishing organic herbal teas.

We will share essential oils, rituals, flower essences and a guided visualisation together which will make the evening so very sacred and magical.

We will delve a little deeper into our inner most selves to discover and heal aspects of our souls that require support.

Now more than ever women are feeling disconnected and lost from their inner most selves and their tribe... but there is something happening, and as women, we are feeling this shift within our bones.

The rise of the sisterhood is gathering momentum and strength, and the power of women coming together in love and support of each other is a life changing experience that sets the wheels in motion in our lives and weaves a safety net of the strongest golden threads
— Kate Reed - creator of the Sister Circles

The intention of a Sister Circle is to celebrate our strengths and to share our stories. 

Creating this space brings back the ancient practice of sitting in Circle and offers us the space to open up our hearts and share our wisdom. 

We are drawn to this because deep in our soul we know that it feels so right to support, and be supported by a community of women. 

The Circle is a place for us to connect to, and awaken the divine feminine that resides within. Coming together in a Circle and ceremony allows us to celebrate what it means to be a woman.

It allows us to connect as Sisters, form heart-centred bonds, support and learn from one another.

Find out more here about the sort of women that are drawn to a Sister Circle. 


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