a simple yoga practice to connect you to your inner wisdom

guest post by karlie bell

Nowadays we can access a vast array of information at the click of a button. Within seconds an internet search may yield thousands of results - some of them useful, others not so helpful. Sifting through this information can be time consuming and bring on feelings of inadequacy, overwhelm or helplessness. 

Gone are the days where women lived and worked together in close proximity - washing clothes together by the river, supporting a family member through pregnancy and birth, our door always open to the children of the village. Our sense of community is different nowadays.

Whilst we are connected more than ever through phone and internet, we now find ourselves feeling isolated and cut off from the wisdom and knowledge from our ancestors. We lack basic knowledge about how to nourish our family, how to carry out rites of passage through the stages of womanhood, and what to do when a community member loses their way.

We see political leaders making decisions on our behalf that don't reflect our core values, and we witness the suffering of others when rights to autonomy and self-determination aren't honoured.

Amidst the chaos and calamity, calm and connection can always be found if we centre ourselves and look within.

This simple practice requires five minutes at any time of the day and will give you the space to allow your inner wisdom to flow.... 

In a seated position (either cross-legged, or kneeling on a pillow or bolster) bring your attention to your breath.

Notice the length of your spine. With each inhalation, feel your chest expand and notice the space that is created in your abdominal area.

With each exhalation feel you are letting go of tension.

Remain here for 5 - 10 breaths.

Affirm within yourself "I accept and love who I am"

Bring your hands behind your hips to the floor or a pillow/bolster across the heels. On an inhalation broaden and expand your chest, lift your hips away from the floor, and allow your eye gaze to move upwards (camel pose). Take a breath in this position and then come back to the floor on an exhalation.

Repeat for a total of 2 - 3 lifts, with a full breath between each round.

Affirm within yourself "I acknowledge all wisdom within me, and all wisdom that surrounds me"

Bring yourself down into child's pose, knees wide, big toes together, arms extended forward with your forehead resting on the floor on a blanket, pillow, or resting on your fists.

Affirm within yourself "I give thanks for all that I am"

Be open to memories, emotions or physical sensations this practice may bring to the surface. Be the observer of your breath - without any judgement or criticism. We possess all the wisdom we need to live happy, healthy and connected lives, and by taking time out daily to honour ourselves, we can easily access this reservoir of knowledge.


Over the past 20 years Karlie has lived with teachers in India and New Zealand and tried many different style of yoga. Karlie has been drawn to the physical strength and precision of Iyengar. However with two young children, much of Karlie's yoga practice these days takes place 'off the mat'. She is currently studying a Diploma of Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training with IYTA and hopes to continue further studies in the future. Karlie is thrilled to be involved with the Port Lincoln School of Yoga
Image © Jovo Jovanovic / Stocksy United