How hula hooping helps you to connect to your sacred self

There is something so enchanting about hula hooping.

Recently at my beautiful daughters birthday party, I was transfixed by two gorgeous little sprites twirl and whirl their hips, hoops spinning wildly around their tiny waists. I was in awe of their grace and of the dance with the hoop that seemed to come so naturally.

As women, many of us are drawn to what we now know as hula hooping.... I believe that it is the divine feminine within us that recognises the importance of this sacred movement. 

Our ancestors from so long ago intuitively knew what to do if their bodies were out of sync.

In order to reconnect themselves to the rhythms of mother earth, they would twirl their hips to restore natural balance. This same movement has also been used in religious ceremonies dating back to the 13th century.

Nowadays more and more of us are longing to find a sacred connection. There is something missing from our lives and our hearts yearn for it. Ancient wisdoms that were once passed down from woman to woman are now lost, and we are left on our own to navigate our way through the chaos of life. 

Many of us have lost that connection to ourselves, to the earth and to our tribe. We go off trekking through mountains and travelling through wild countries in search of it, not realising that it was within us all along. We forget that we can find everything that we are looking for in moments of stillness, in nature and in sacred movement.

So, what about the hula hoop?

Perhaps we can all try to hula hoop our way to inner peace and contentment. We can establish a connection to ourselves through this ancient dance.

If you're finding it a challenge, ground your feet and move your hips in a figure 8. This movement will ground you and re-connect you to the earth. It will balance the left and right hemispheres of your brain and restore the mind body connection.

Once you master the flow of the movement, you will find that hula hooping is a wonderful for of active meditation. It is a beautiful, sacred way to get our bodies moving. The rhythmic movement connects you to your divine self and will open the door to your soul. 

jo xx


Image © Melanie DeFazio / Stocksy United