How to raise your vibes

One thing I have learned so far on my journey is that we are the creators of our own reality.

Our thoughts and our feelings affect our experiences of life.

It is the magic of the law of attraction. We attract the things that we resonate at the same frequency as. Have you ever noticed when you're feeling uplifted, life seems to flow with a sense of ease and grace? You see beauty all around you and have an amazing sense of clarity. Things feel brighter and there is a lightness in the heart.

On the flipside, there are times when it seems a cloud of darkness is hovering over you, tainting your every waking moment. Your thoughts are negative and the whole world has a heaviness to it. You attract people of that same vibration and the energy is draining. Simple things go wrong.

"as you think you vibrate, as you vibrate you attract"               abraham hicks

The wonderful news is that we can shift our vibration, to be in that beautiful state of upliftment and lightness and it really is quite easy. Simply having awareness is a powerful first step.

We as a collective are going through a transition. We are evolving as humans.

Many of us are noticing shifts and synchronicities that are happening throughout our days and these little messages have grabbed our attention. We are seeing the numbers 1111, 222 and 333 quite often. Our conversations are changing and we are becoming interested in alternative ways of approaching things such as our food sources, our health and our lifestyle. We are looking for authenticity in our lives wanting to let go of the things that are no longer serving us.

We are hearing the voice of our soul gently whispering that it is time for transformation, and we are being offered an opportunity to let go. Like a snake shedding its skin, we have a chance for renewal. By raising our vibration we can more easily manifest the changes we are wishing to integrate into our lives by harnessing the power of the law of attraction.

Simple ways to raise your vibration:

1. When you rise in the morning, set the tone for your day with a feeling of gratitude or a positive thought. Write this thought down or say it out loud to give it energy. If you find that you wake up in a negative frame of mind, try switching your thoughts to something positive, for example by acknowledging something you are grateful for.

2. Be mindful of the food you fuel your body with. Processed and highly refined foods are of a lower vibration and offer your body very little nutritional support, and can lower your mood quite quickly. Choose to eat nourishing, whole foods and you will notice how much better you feel in your body and your mind.

3. During the day, be aware of when your energy drops or your mood shifts. By being mindful of your own energy in this way, you may gain an insight into whether this change was due to food, fatigue, emotions, thoughts or being around certain people or places.

4. Make an effort to get to know yourself. Are there old belief patterns and an inner dialogue you may be subconsciously holding onto, that lowers your energy? These negative patterns can be lodged within our cellular structure and can prevent us from living a wonderful life. Flower Essences are a beautiful and gentle way to help to dissolve many of these old and limiting thoughts and belief systems. Yoga is also a wonderful practice to help shift chronic criticism or negativity that is part of habitual thinking. 

5. As best as you can, find ways throughout your day to be present and mindful. If you find your mind wandering, bring yourself back to the now by using conscious breathing. A deep diaphragmatic breath can bring you back to the present moment, and studies have shown that one conscious breath can release endorphins. For me, being aware of breathing mindfully is a really great way to keep me present and focused, and supports the body by oxygenating the brain.

6. Commit to daily meditation and watch the wisdom and insight flow from your Higher Self once your mind chatter has been silenced. Meditation can come in the form of gardening, a quiet walk along the beach or simple daydreaming. Everyday activities like hanging out the washing or doing the ironing can become practices of mindfulness if done quietly and with intention.

7. Invite Spirit into your life and ask for help and guidance in any areas that you may need support in. Look for signs and symbols you may be gifted with from Spirit that serve to let you know that your prayers have been heard. Your Higher Self will recognise these signs as they cross your path.

8. Create rituals that keep you feeling connected. It could be flicking an oracle card for the day, intuitively choosing a crystal to pop in your pocket to support you, or by creating a little altar in your home.  This can be as simple as a small area in your home with a little table, a flower and a stick of incense, and then each time you walk past it you are reminded to connect with your breath. Throughout my home I have little pockets of sacred space that include items that are special to me such as fresh flowers, photos, crystals, shells and feathers. All of these serve as a point of connection for me and they raise my spirits whenever they catch my eye. When your spirits are raised your heart sings, and when your heart sings, your vibration is lifted. 

9. Before bed each night, intentionally ask that all energy that does not belong to you, to please be returned to its rightful place. Thank the Universe for the lessons you have learned throughout the day and ask that your day tomorrow be filled with joy. 

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration" nicholas tesla

Perhaps you can aim to add some of these simple techniques into your life one step at a time. By practising these small but regular acts of mindfulness throughout your day, you will soon start to notice many shifts in the way you approach your life. Your energy will become softer, you will appreciate beauty where you hadn't recognised it before, and you will notice feelings of warm contentment radiating from within. Things won't seem to bother you as much as they may have in the past, previous worries will start to fall away. Others will recognise the beautiful light that you are radiating and you will inspire them to also light up.

By finding ways to raise our own vibration, we can make the world a better place. 

Jo xx


Image © Alexander Grabchilev / Stocksy United