my story

I empower women to realign their lives with their hearts
and become free from limiting beliefs.


Life is an ever evolving journey

I grew up in a small seaside town, a simple life filled with family, healthy food and plenty of time outdoors.

I was always an introspective person, looking for the deeper meaning of things and for the teachings my life experiences were giving me. Over the years I have undertaken many different courses, integrating the learning firstly into our family home, then to my extended family and close friends, and later with clients.

I cannot speak highly enough of flower essences and know that sharing their medicine is my life's work. They are delicate yet strong, compassionate and lovingly unrelenting in their willingness to support us – to help us feel into our hearts and hear what our higher selves are wanting to communicate to us. I feel utterly blessed to admit that I hear the messages of flowers and their desire to help us each and every day.

Flower Essences and Sister Circles complement one another beautifully.

I have such a great faith in the magic of women coming together in Circle. In holding Circles, my intention is to create a sacred container for women to gather together and join one another in ceremony with the divine. In this fast paced world where we often forget to stop and listen, I seek to give women an embodied experience of how connected we are to the Earth and her changing cycles and seasons.

 As my commitment to Flower Essences and Circles has deepened, I have been drawn naturally further into exploring my lineage and my ancestral threads. I walk the Priestess Path and know deeply that I am awakening ancient codes and memories.

My journey has taught me how to commune with my inner wisdom and sacred truth, how to connect with the energies of the Divine Feminine.

I have learned that life is a journey and we are constantly growing and evolving day by day. Every experience we have in our lives shapes who we are and how we view our place in the world. I have learned that we have the ability to change the course of our lives, given the right tools and supports.

I am passionate about supporting women to come home to themselves…

It has been by learning to surrender, listen to and follow the whisperings of my soul through my own healing journey, that I am in a place to support you on your path of personal growth. Through my qualifications and trainings I have developed my own system for working with women on a holistic level, supporting them as they return to wholeness.

Something I know to be so very true is that as a collective we are all in this together and it is vital that we continually support, uplift, empower one another as we journey through life... for this is how we can create positive change in the world.



Qualifications & Trainings

  • Woman Rising Flower Essence ® Certified Practitioner

  • Level 2 Woman Rising Flower Essence Training

  • Level 1 & 2 Australian Bush Flower Essences ® Practitioner Certificate

  • Women’s Wellbeing & Australian Bush Flower Essences ® Certificate

  • Numerology & Australian Bush Flower Essences ® Certificate

  • Teens, Tweens & Australian Bush Flower Essences ® Certificate

  • Happy Healthy Kids & Australian Bush Flower Essences ® Certificate

  • Shell Essences © Practitioner Certificate

  • The Sister Circles © Certified Facilitator Training

  • Level 2 Sister Circles Training

  • Red Tent Women's Circle © Facilitator

  • Shamanic Practitioner Training with Damini Celebre

  • Avalon Priestess Path with Joanne Ameya Cohen

  • Integrative Health Coach Certificate at Institute for Integrative Nutrition ®



  • International Institute for Complimentary Therapies (IICT)

  • International Association for Health Coaches (IAHC)

  • Australian Bush Flower Essence Society

  • Woman Rising Flower Essence Collective

  • Sister Circles Ambassador


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